Inspired by a lot of songs and artists, I was imitating my favourite singers at very young age. I was not raised in a musical family but my father played the saxophone and introduced me into the world of jazz. I have always loved all kinds of music but it is true that my heart beats faster when I hear good jazz or soul.



I started taking classes first in classical/lyrical music for several years and later in jazz. With some friends, we created a little band which enabled me to express myself for a while. Even if I quit as I wanted to go back doing theatre, today music is still part of my life. I love to listen to the wonderful Ella or to go to jazz-clubs to discover new artists. 





"La voix est le reflet de l'âme et nous jouons à chanter avec cette âme, à la faire surgir de nos profondeurs, de nos sommets, avec nos capacités vocales du moment. Le silence se révèle alors tel qu'il est, un élément dynamique merveilleux, une force vive de paix et de joie, qui s'apprécie là, dans sa totalité."





Gemeentelijke Academie voor muziek, woord en dans -  Studierichting Muziek - Wemmel 






Private vocal classes with Gyle Waddy



Creation of own band; Infected – Soul and jazz music

 2010 - 2014